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Quotes from African American WWII veterans:

"America got lots of problems, but Hitler won't fix them." ~ African-American soldier and heavyweight champion Joe Louis, c. 1942

"The army was an experience unlike anything I've had in my life. I think of two armies, one black, one white. I saw German prisoners free to move around the camp, unlike black soldiers, who were restricted. The Germans walked right into the doggone places like any white American. We were wearin' the same uniform, but we were excluded."~ Dempsey Travis, a writer and African-American war veteran, c. 1980

“African Americans served in every branch of service in a mandated segregated military. These men and women discharged their duties with great pride in the face of blatant discrimination and humiliation. The true story and history of their contributions both in combat units and in service units has yet to be included in the complete history of the Allied victory in World War II.

These men and women fought with great courage and faith in the promise of America. They did not despair of this country, for they believed in it and what it stood for.”~ Harry Johns, An Army veteran of Patton’s Third Army, c. 2004